Welcome to my life of running

I started running in 2016.

I had recently had a relationship breakdown. How ever I spiralled on a bad path of severe depression.

The wake up moment was after a night in the Bradgate Ward, Glenfield Hospital. AKA The lunatic asylum. I realised I needed to sort one self out.

During the summer I started running on my own. Although at the same time Johny Walker and Ron Bicardi had become my friends.

So I realised I needed something else.

I entered Coalville 10k which was in November 2016. That was the goal to complete this.

October 2016 I plucked up courage, to join Hermitage Harriers in Coalville. My anxiety was sky high, although at least I might make a few friends.

That I did, coach T took me under her wings, and soon made a lot of good friends. Coach T did say “I was nuts for entering Coalville 10k, with out any training”

Think she soon found out I am crazy lol. I was well chuffed after completing it under an hour; only just but hey 6.2 miles under an hour for a fat borderline alcoholic was good !!

So 2017 I did first half at Silverstone race circuit. Let Coach T bully me in to Loughborough Half 3 weeks after. Several 20k a load of park runs through the year.

I had also met Emma in 2017 as well our relationship slowley blossomed, well I say slowley quite rapidly. She deserves a medal.

In Oct 2017 I did Leicester Half Marathon and I quickly decided 2018 was the year of my first marathon. Every one thought I was nuts, I thought No Shit Sherlock tell me something I dont know already.

2018 I moved in with Emma and her daughters Bekka and Jess. They deserve 28 Carrot diamond studded medals !!!! Well it was not just me Astra my psycho cat as well (aka the hairy mutt).

I joined Long Eaton running club and made new friends again.

So 2018 was my first Marathon at Leicester. I new I needed a coach and only the best, the very best was to be chosen. This was Mark Perry aka Coach P, Optimal Running. Who was coaching Hermitage Harriers on Tuesday nights.

So that journey began in July 2018, hottest summer ever !!! I applied my self to every session every week. On the day predicted time was 4 hour 45mins to 5 hours. I came in just over 4hrs 31mins….. I was over moon and so was Coach P.

I had also shifted nearly 2 stone, looking and feeling healthier.⁰

2019 Diagnosed with ADHD, so learning a lot about my self and why I was a “problem child”. Did Derby half on a roasting hot day in just under 2 hours. Should of been quicker but ADHD meds played havoc with me, by second half heart rate shot up and killed my pace.

So now ready for Leicester Marathon 2019…. you can pick up all my updates from the menu button above.

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