10 fastest UK parkrun times on Saturday 19th October (2019)

Men’s top 10

1) parkrun: Albert Park, Middlesborough
Dominic Shaw, 14:41, New Marske Harriers AC
2) parkrun: Waterworks, Belfast
Ben Branagh, 14:58, St. Malachy’s
3) parkrun: St Helens 
Matthew Crehan, 15:07, St Helens Sutton AC
4) parkrun: Dulwich
Andrius Jaksevicius, 15:10, Vegan Runners
5) parkrun: Long Eaton
Richard Weir, 15:13, Derby AC
6) parkrun: Bedford
Josh Lunn, 15:21, Bedford & County AC
7) parkrun: South Manchester
Arlo Ludewick, 15:25, Herne Hill Harriers
8) parkrun: Lincoln
William Strangeway, 15:31, Lincoln Wellington AC
9) parkrun: Newcastle
Gus Withers, 15:32, Gateshead Harriers & AC
10=) parkrun: Dulwich
Mark Worringham, 15:40, Reading Roadrunners
10=) parkrun: Victoria Dock
Grant Schmidlechner, 15:40, London City Athletics Club

Women’s top 10

1) parkrun: Pontypridd
Clara Evans, 16:47, Pontypridd Roadents AC
2) parkrun: Llanelli Coast
Elizabeth Davies, 16:52, Springfield Striders RC
3) parkrun: Dalby Forest
Emily Gelipter, 17:29
4) parkrun: Kirkcaldy
Annabel Simpson, 17:36, Haraka Kasi
5) parkrun: Newcastle 
Rachelle Falloon, 17:39, Morperth Harriers & AC
6) parkrun: Exmouth
Hannah Taunton, 17:46, Taunton AC
7) parkrun: Chester
Eleanor Whyman-Davis, 17:47, Preston Harriers
8) parkrun: Stratford-upon-Avon
Georgie Campbell, 17:53, Stratford-upon-Avon AC
9) parkrun: Wolverhampton
Lauren Draper, 17:55, Bridgnorth Running Club
10) parkrun: The Old Showfield 
Amber Gascoigne, 18:00, British Military Fitness

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