Cardiac Arrest eeeek

1st December had chest pains and numbness in my left arm.

After a quick call to 111 was rushed into Derby A&E with suspected heart attack or angina.

After being filled with morphine and blood drain out of me. They said could not initially find anything wrong.

Around 1 or 2 am, well I was a bit all over place. The crash team had to come in as went into some sort of cardiac arrest.

I vaguely remember the defab machine counting down and telling the doctors and nurses to stand back. Fortunately they did not need to use it.

So once I had been stabilised was put on to a ward and had 6 or 8 lots of blood took out of me.

Bloody vampires lol.

Did not get much sleep due to my natural low resting heart rate which is 46-50 bpm the machine kept going off.

When it went red and a louder beep noise coming from it, one of nurses looked in horror, but Emma said “do not worry he is a runner”. So the nurse replied “right that explains that”.

Asked if they could adjust it said cant make it any lower just in case.

So in morning I had a scan done with die pushed through me. Nice warming sensation lol.

So I was discharged leaving all the experts concerned and puzzled.

So its just a waiting game, if and when it will happen again.

So went cliffords this evening for 45 min treadmill session.

Basically I worked to heart rate once the BPM got to 160 slowed down to get it under again before speeding up again.

So Ashby 20 is booked for next year so focus is on this one, plus the hoody is awesome !!!

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