Easter Weekend Still In UK Lock Down

The Covid-19 Situation is not getting better, well rapidly getting worse.

So my training is more in line with the guidelines and I am actually behaving my self.

Tuesday was a nice easy 40 min or so running. This is always good as back to basics base training.

Thursday was a nice structured speed training, if you have not read before these are my favourite sessions.

This session consisted of the follow

1 mile warm up

5x 2 mins @ 6.24 to 6.54 min mile pace (Run/Hard)

5x 2 mins Recovery (Jog/Walk)

1 mile cool down.

Glad I went out early before work with temperature jumping up this week as this was avery tough session.

Saturday was scheldule as a tempo session, how ever the running club are running a virtual summer league due to lock down guidance.

So this week was tun as far as you can in 10 minutes. I managed a 1.40 miles which is pretty amazing. This is ends on Monday evening so should be interesting to see how well I have done.

Today Easter Sunday, I had a longish run.

I say ish because normally I would quite enjoy 10 miles plus in the sun.

Again due to lock down and guidance I had 2 min warm up, main run was 6 miles 8.55 – 9.24 min mile pacing. Heart rate seemed a little high how ever it was very hot out there, which would explain things.

Then cool down so ended up just over 7 miles in 1hr and 5mins.

Much need run and really enjoyed.


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