Sunday is Long Run Day

8.48Miles To Start The Day

Well had my breakfast and in typical ADHD fashion got distracted so ended up going out later than anticipate.

The origianal plan was too cover 7 miles plus 2 minutes warm up and 2 minutes cool down.

In true Alvin missed the turning I was supposed to take and ended up adding an extra mile on.

So overall a good end to a tough week of running

The time trial on Wednesday had totally killed my legs off. This is not a bad thing as fatigue is what helps you get stronger.

So took the decision to have a few rest days so apart from the daily walking I do at work, gave them a good 3 days rest.

After all have rest days and extended recovery time is just as important or more important than the hard days

After todays session, apart from blood pouring from one of my toes, no idea how that happened, my legs felt good and ready to go again on Wednesday.

So Long Eaton Running Clun are having a bit of break from the virtual events, think we all deserve a bit of rest and recovery too!!

Next event is the Banister mile, basically run a mile as fast as you can for League Points.

This is also a great way to commenerate the awesome 4 mile that Roger Banister did all those years ago. Since then its been beaten several times. This record currently stands at 3 minutes 43.13 seconds, achieved by Hicham El Guerrouj ( Morroco ) in Rome, Italy, on 7 July 1999. Sure I will smash that, well in my dreams I will

The main thing is getting out there and running and enjoying it. Not only keeps the body fit. It also keeps the mind it and healthy too.

With the country still in lock down, due to this iffy flu virus going round. Its good to get out and forget about the world for a while

Have to admit its really quiet and depressing our there no life at all. Suppose on the plus side, not tripping over pedestrians, dogs or anything else in the way. Can’t have it both ways !!


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