Week Ending 3rd May 2020

This Weeks Summery w/e 3rd May 2020

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Went out in the evening this week. Took some motivation to get out today.

After some jam on toast I managed to get my sorry ass out side, mentally was not feeling it.

Glad I did conquer my demons, was wet with rain. Which I know sounds weird but I love running in the rain.

The other plus side the new folk who have discovered running where not out.A bit of rain causing the, “I am not going out in that!!”; which meant the streets where all mine.

So with no particular route planned I just went on a mystery tour of my own and did just of 6 and 1/2 miles

Bit of Billy Idol in my ears and I was pumped!!

Tuesdays Run Click to View

Thursday 30th April 2020

Speed structured session by Garmin Coach

So this was a tough session.

The session was as below

Warm up 1 Mile

5x 3 Mins run hard

5x 3 Mins recovery Jog/walk

Then supposed to be a mile cool down, I extended it and add a few more miles on

So the purpose of the session is to develop endurance, speed and also stronger legs and lungs.

The the first 3 reps went pretty much a expected.

The 4 Rep was starting to get tough.

5 Rep was murder and could get no where near target pace of 6.20 to 6.90 Minute Miles.

By the end my legs where like jelly and felt like they where on fire!!

But in my own sadistic kind of way I love these sessions and blow the cob webs off

Click to View Thursday Speed Session

Sunday 3rd May Longish steady run

Pretty much as it says really just a stead 7 or so miles for just over an hour.

Pretty strait forward and with a average heart rate of 153 bpm nice to see good progress

A couple of years ago I would of been about dead but now just feels like a walk in the park, so defiantly seeing really good progress now.

Sundays Longish Run – Click to view

So pretty much it his week. Next week event 6 (somehow I missed event 5, then when I saw it got a bit confused any way!!)is the clubs Banister Mile event only a virtual one this year, to celebrate Roger Banister braking the 4 min mile for first time. Its also good to see how close you can get to it yourself.

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