Week Commencing 18/5/2020

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So Coach P set up my first week of training.

Mentally felt better and having a plan set out means for myself easier to focus and be on track.

It was set out over 5 days. With Monday and Friday my rest days.

Overall felt both physically and mentally stronger.

Tuesday – 45 Mins easy with pick ups

This consisted of 45 minutes of around 10 minutes a mile pace.

After 15 minutes the pick ups of 15 seconds started then 4m45s of easy running, repeated 5 times.

They idea is the 15 seconds is ran hard opening up with longer strides.

This helps to develop both strength, posture and good running form.

Wednesday – Easy Heart Rate Run.

40 minutes base running keeping heart rate in zone 1.

139 – 152 bpm heart rate to see how this relates to the pace.

Thursday – Easy Aerobic 50

50 minutes at aerobic pace.

Averaging 10m15s minute mile pace.

Running bit more effort but able to hold a conversation and not out of breath.

Helps to use oxygen more efficiently and teach body to use fat for energy.

So 5 miles completed for session.

Saturday – Easy Aerobic 40

Same as Thursday really just for 40 minutes.

Sunday – Long Run Day

Nice controlled run may be a bit faster than coach wanted.

Overall felt good, strong and not out of breath

These are the days to build up the endurance.

Great pace and heart rate

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