Week ending 7 June 20

Good week overall and really enjoying my running again.

By the end of the training week, I covered just shy of 30 miles.

The week also started with hill reps.

These are great for building strength, improve speed. They key is to keep good form. Holding your head up and not looking at your feet.

Although this is not new training for me. However getting back to basics; is just as important.

So this weeks time table was as follows.


1. Warm up
30 min @ 3 -7 RPE
Add in a few short pace pickups throughout
your W/U
2. Repeat 2 times
1. Primer
10 sec @ 6 -8 RPE
2. Walk/Static Recovery
2 min @ 1 – 2 RPE
3. Repeat 8 times
1. Hard
10 sec @ 9 – 10 RPE
2. Walk/Static Recovery
3 min @ 1 – 2 RPE
4. Cool Down
10 min @ 3 – 4 RPE


Easy Heart Rate Run


Easy aerobic 60 minutes


Easy 45 minutes with pickups


90 minute run

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