Tough Week w/e 21/6/2020

The training intensity was increase this week.

By end of the week had covered 33.8 miles over 5 hours and 17 minutes.

Couple of late runs a well in the week to.

Thursday was because I wimped out and did not want to get wet. We had torrential rain thunderstorms most of the day.  I dropped Emma off at work and went out after 9.30 pm. When it started raining again.

Saturday went out at 10pm not because of rain, due to hacking  to get the tires replaced on my car Saturday morning.

This made an interesting training as well, went be at 2.30am got up at 6.30 am. Well sleep is overrated.

After picking Emma up from work (night shift worker). I went for Sunday Long-run at around 8 am.

With 5.72 miles Sat night and 41/2 Hours sleep then 11.16 Miles Sunday morning for 1hr45min Running time.

Well last 15 minutes the legs felt battered.

y felt fatigue in my legs. Plus the extra load really took the toll over the week.

Last Weeks Activity




50 Min Interval Training

20 Minute Warm Up


10 Sets of

30 Second hard effort

1 minute recovery run

10 Min Cool Down


Easy Hear Rate Run Average pace at 10 min miles and  Av. Hear Rate 135bpm


Easy 70 Minutes running 7.87 Miles.


Rest Day


50 Minutes with pick ups

15 Minutes warm up

6 15 second pick ups

5 min cool down


1hr 45min long tun at steady relaxed pace



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