HOT HOT HOT w/e 28/6/20

Temperatures here in the Sunny UK went up again.

Thursday being hottest, I had a tempo session, how ever even at 7.30am the temperature was way to hot already into the 20’s.

So a impromptu rest day was also done.

Rest is as good as training anyway.

Also time for my quarterly check ove at the doctors.

Weight is around 12.5 stones she said a stone weight loss in 3 months.

Explained not really planned just got back on focused running.

My blood pressure was a bit high whilst being checked over.

Not helped by face masks hot room, and a fan.

Checked again at home 116 over 66 so very good.

With resting heart rate of around 48 to 52 bpm health is good.

Weeks Training Sessions


20 minute warmup followed by.

60 secs hard

120 secs easy

Cool down


Easy Heart Rate run 40 mins zone one.


Postponed tempo due to Heat


Easy Heart Rate zone 1 50 minutes


1hr 15 min Steady Long Run

Weekly Summary

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