Time Trial Week. Week Ending 26/7/2020

This week was quite a low mileage week and mostly slow running.

It was also a challenging week as Garmin Connect had been hijacked by Ransomware so was down for 4 or 5 days.

This meant extracting the data off watch and uploading manually to Training Peaks for Coach to analyse and also to Strava.

Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 40 min runs at recovery pace.

Wednesday was the first Time Trial over 800 meters. Basically had to run hard but maintain a constant fast pace maxed out.

I completed the distance in 3 mins 21 secs.

So this was the first bench mark test done.

Click open the Stats

Sunday was second Time Trial over 2400 meters. Again to run as hard as possible maintaining a constant pace.

So no Sprint finishes, as tempting as it would of been.

I recorded a very respectable 10 mins 24 Secs over the distance.

Also smashed my mile pb down to 6 mins 48 secs.

Click to open the Stats


So Coach P was very happy with the results and improvements, over the last 3 or so months.

So the pace zones have been changed by 20 sec a mile faster. Which does not sound much but over 45 mins to 60 mins of running is a huge difference.

Most significant thing was both Time Trials gave similar results, effectively the endurance side is getting stronger and being able to hold a faster pace over a longer period of time.

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