Weekending 9/8/2020

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

All the usual 50 minute runs. Easy paced, recovery running.


Interval Blend Session

  • Warm up 20 mins
    • Repeat 2 times
    • 800m @ 7m20s miles
    • 400m easy jog recovery
  • 5 mins easy recovery
    • Repeat 6 times
    • 200m @ 6m59s mines
    • 200m easy jog recovery
  • 5mins easy recovery
    • 2000m at 7m41s miles
  • 10 mins recovery jog

Tough session, although executed well.

Last 200m, was done in 42 seconds.

Basically session was to help build strength and fitness. Which will improve over the next few months.

Sunday Long Runday

This week slightly different.

Start off at a steady 2 mile warm up. Around 9m30s pace.

Then we induced some fatigued legs. 2 miles at tempo pace of 8 min miles.

Then 8 miles of steady running.

I maintained a pace of 8.30 min miles and also an average heart rate of 156bpm.

Working on fatigue resistance, last 3 miles where tough.

Thats when mental game came in, just telling my self only a park run to go.

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