Week Ending 16 August 2020

This week was absolute scorcher weather wise. 35 Celsius plus on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday was an Easy Heart Rate run in zone 1 and 2.

Took car to have an oil and filter change, did run whilst waiting

Time was to do in 50 minutes, how ever I had to go slower and slower to keep heart rate down

This weather has extreme heart rate effects.


This weeks structured session, Postponed from Wednesday due to Heat Conditions.

This also meant not doing Thursdays normal recovery run so cancelled it off for the week

It was much cooler conditions to do the session in.

This week was a new one on me and called K Ramps. I thought the ‘K’
stood for Killer, however it just meant Kilometers. Although once done would rather call it Killer Ramps.

Basically session consisted of the following:

3 km warm up

3sets of

1km Hard @ 8:30 min miles

1km Harder @ 8:00 min miles

1km Easy @ 9:30 min milesp

2km cool down

Session completed with faster pacing achieved.

First set as always went off far quicker than I should of so made second ramp even harder.

I never seem to learn, well always the hard way!!

Over all really enjoyed session, then again I always love the speed work.

Session is designed to help improve strength, speed and more importantly stamina, endurance and aerobic ability.

Saturday and Sunday

Nice and steady running for both days.

Saturday steady run for 60 minutes and Sunday steady run for 10 miles.

Just pacing was kept in 8m30s to 9m05s Per Mile zone.

I completed 17 or so miles over weekend so huge quality miles.

New Recovery Potion

Treated my self to a bottle of Centurion Muscle Slick.

I am impressed I still do my usual stretches however once showered or bathed, massage this in to my legs

I already felt the benefits really does aid muscle recovery.

Visit https://www.10thlegion.uk/

For information and prices

This Weeks Stats.

30.7 Miles

3668 Calories burnt

4h8m25 Time spent running

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