Week Ending 23 August 2020

Intervals All Week

Wednesday and Saturday where easy heart rate runs for recovery, both for 50 minutes


  • 1.Warm up 30 minutes
  • 2.Repeat 10 times

    1.Hard 200m@5:55-6:24 min/min

    2.V.easy jog recovery 200m Zone 1

  • 3.Cool Down 10 mins

This was a good speed session.

Working on speed and strength. By running 200 meters hard and then 200 meters jog back too recover.

How ever it is also about maintaining same paces through out session and also keeping good running form

The weather was still hot out but not as bad as it has been. Certainly made session more comfortable.


20min Warm Up

3 sets 1.25 mile tempo 3 mins recovery

  • Set 1
  • Tempo Pace 7m48s min miles
  • 3 Minute Recovery Pace 9m19s min miles
  • Set 2
  • Tempo Pace 7m48s min miles
  • 3 Minute Recovery Pace 9m18s min miles
  • Set 3
  • Tempo 7m40s min miles
  • 3 Minute Recovery Pace 9m13s min miles

10min Cool Down

Idea of tempo runs is to work on speed and endurance.

Basically running harder at around 80% to 90% of race pace.

They build both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, which leads to gains in speed and endurance.

These middle range runs also benefit my brain. These workouts help you understand how different paces feel, putting me more in tune with my abilities (and limits)

These sessions build mental endurance and strength, an asset whenever, pushing myself to go longer or faster than you’ve gone before. With all these benefits, it’s wise to spend some time running between easy and all-out.


Long Run over 90 minutes. Pretty steady run.

After 30 minutes engaging in 30 second pick ups and back to steady running for nine and a half minutes.

So at end of all this hard and enjoyable work. Oh and a new pair of Nike Structure 22 running shoes. I covered 35.5 miles.

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