Impromptu Race Weekending 30/8/20

Coach text me a week a go Friday, to ask if I would be up for a 10k Virtual Race last one if the Leicester Road Running League (LRRL).

Most of week was easy running nothing strenuous.

Keeping legs turning and fresh for the race on Sunday.

Only Wednesday was a controlled speed session of intervals.

This was 800m reps set around 7m40s pace. With 2 minutes easy jog to recover.

Typical session each set faster than coach had set. However all executive with constant time and paces.


This was a virtual race to comply with COVID-19 social distancing rules.

So basically I entered on line and once completed up load the evidence from Strava.

This was a timed 10k, rum best you can and get the best possible time.

It was a weird feeling racing solo. No crowds or fellow competitors adding to the atmosphere of race day.

After I warmed up I took my self to the start point. This was the start point of West Park, Park Run.

So I sat on steps a composed my self. Picture the 4 laps of the park and get my mind focused.

So I started my watch and off I went. Maintaining a steady pace for the next 4 laps.

On last lap with last few meters I increased to a sprint to gain those last few seconds.

I felt good alway the way round, and kept to a consistent 7m30s min miles all the way round.

I crossed the ‘Virtual Finish’ line in a respectable 46m59s.

This gave me a huge buzz as took off over 6 minutes off my previous PB. Although I think Coach P was buzzing even more, as he said “Made him a very happy coach”.

Each success is a reflection on his coaching abilities, so it really is a 2 way thing.

Finished in position 196 and 29th in my age group as Male 45 and over.

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