Recovery Week w/e 6/9/20

After the previous weeks 10k Virtual Race and new Personal Best; its time to get back to basics again.

So this weeks training was nothing exciting, just keeping the legs turing and letting the muscle tissue repair its self; ready for serious training to start again next week.

So days where as follows

Tues Day EHR 50 (Easy Heart Rate 50) – 50 mins in zone 1 & 2 heart rates and pace

Wednesday Steady 60 – 60 mins in zones 2 & 3 aerobic pacing

Thursday EHR 50

Saturday EHR 50

Sunday Steady 90mins running pacing 8m44s – 9m03s per mile.

Admittedly completely messed this session up and ended up around 8m15 per mile so heart rate ended up far to high for the training session.

Great tempo pace but not a great easy run pace!!!

Next week we have 2 hours planned so will be watching the pacing and keeping under control.

Click here to view this weeks long run

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