The Hills Made My Legs Dead

Most of the week pretty straight forward running.

Wednesday Recovery Run 40 Minutes to keep the legs turning and get rid of the horrible lactic acid out of legs from Tuesdays session keep reading for what that intailed. Session was hard work low pace but heart rate was right up and all over the place.

Thursday Steady 60 today, well recovery session seem to have done the trick.

Pace was a pretty constant 8m31s seconds per mile and average heart rate was 156 bpm. Overall a very nice session.

Saturday was interesting and expensive.

Easy 50 Minutes running with a 15 minute warm up. The 30 seconds pick ups (sprints) making sure form spot on. Then back to easy running.

Reason it was expensive, my car keys & house key fell out of my pocket never to be seen again. £250 to replace, fortunately Timsons cut me a car key and 2 house keys for about £70 !!

Sunday basic 2 hour run so a cheeky 9min a mile cheeky half !! (13.1 miles) felt good and could of kept going felt a sub 4 hour marathon is in the making. Also retraced steps but still could not find my keys !!!

That brings me back to Tuesday, I had not forgot about it.

Hill session for building strength and endurance.

20 Minute warm up and 15 Minute cool down.

In the middle 400 meter hills.

Run the hill hard then a recovery jog back down. Then repeat 8 times.

This is my weakness as track sprinting is my strength, but at the right old age of 47 I am no where near as fast as I was 20 Years ago!!!.

This session killed my legs to be honest very tough, but long term benefits will be worth it.

That pretty much sums it all up.

Begining of the week mentally was not ready or feeling it. Felt low and depressed.

By Sunday mentally and physically much better ready for this week ahead.

Friday finished work at sensible time so had Hair cut… followed by upper body weights session at Cliffords Gym.

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