Speed Week W/E 27/9/20

This week was all about speed and endurance. Basically training to faster paces over longer periods.


Easy Heart Rate 50, 50 minutes of running in Zones 1 & 2. To heart rate of a maximum of 160bpm.

This was really hard work this week, due to the temperature being so hot out side. Only way to keep within the desired zones was to Run and Walk.

The walks got longer and the run got shorter.


Interval 500 session.

20 Minute warm up.

Main set of

  1. Hard 500 meters (fast running)
  2. Very Easy 3 minutes running/jog recovery

10 Minute cool down.

Idea was to push each set to the paces coach set of around 6:17 minute miles. He wanted me to push each one to see where I would blow up (or hit the wall)

I think I hit the first set to hard in the 5 min miles zone, This meant set 4 I really did hit the wall probably around the 300 meter mark.

With the extra recovery time I managed to get through set 5 bit slower than coaches prescribed paces.

How ever set 6 deffiantly had my second wind and managed a good time and pace.


40 Minutes of Recovery Running. Nice steady 10 minutes a mile pace.

Lot cooler today as well so heart rate was an average of 141 bpm. Covering 4 miles.

These session designed to get the blood flowing back into muscles from previous tough days work.


Another EHR 50 session, same as Tuesday.

Much cooler today and maintained a steady average around 9m23s per mile so just over 6 miles complete.

Again in Zone 1 & 2 max heart rate of 160 bpm, averaged 152 bpm. So much better delivery of session overall.

Zone 1 is recovery zone and Zone2 is aerobic zone.


Long Run Alternations

New one on me this week

Session as follows

a. 3km Warm up

b. Repeat 6 times

  1. 1km at 7:45 min mile pace
  2. 1km at 9:00 min mile pace

c. 10 min cool down.

From what I understand this session was to build speed and endurance in one sesion.

Kept my faster 1km under control and around the pace set for session.

Completed 10.4 miles in 1hour 30 minutes.

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