So last week Coach P had me doing Kenyan Hills.

I have performed them before and understand the logic of why they are included in the training and coaching sessions.

The idea is to get a good warm up in as with any intensity training.

Then find a gradient in this case we used 400 meters and run up and down it over a 20 minute period.

Unlike hill sprints session for example where you run up the hill hard and then head back to the start point at a walk or jog to recover. Which then you repeat over say 6 sets.

So what is the difference??

Well you run up and down the hill as many times as it takes over a certain time frame. Maintaining the same effort up and down.

This was over 20 minutes none stop.

So after doing a bit more research it helps build strength and endurance.

Also reading further information I found it helps not only strengthen the muscles but also the tendons, which helps reduce risk of injury.

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