So from doing research I can’t actually see that the Kenyan’s actually use this or even call it Kenyan Hills.

It is a western idea of what the Kenyans do. So a bit of a myth really.

I watched the Unknown Runner on Amazon Prime.

This is a documentary film following the training regime of the top Kenyan Runners.

The main athlete they followed is Geoffrey Kamworor who is one of their most elite athletes.

In the film he basically goes for a long run up a 24km hill continuously.

Problem is here in the United Kingdom, there are not many 24km hills too run up continuously.

So how the Kenyan Hills training programme has been developed for the Western world is basically next thing.

So although a bit of a Unicorn with the actual origin. These sessions have huge benefits in building, strength, stamina & endurance.

You can follow Geoffrey Kamworor on Instagram his profile can be found using the link below.

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