Emotional Roller Coaster

I was going to write about another topic and research I have done. This can wait till another day.

4th October 2020, was the official London Marathon.

This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic was postponed from April, so not the 40th Marathon thought we would we see being raced.

I went for my long run on Sunday morning. Saw a few people doing the Virtual London Marathon, gave them a clap and shouted “Your doing good. Keep going”

Well done to everyone who took part, although not the event they where expecting.

The route was 19.6 laps of St James Park in London.

Personally I think that could be worse Marathon to compete going round same route 19 odd times to the end.

So it must of been mentally draining as well as usual physical wear and tear.

Even watching on Television I found it emotionally draining.

Due to social distancing rules and regulations, there where no crowds of supporters.

The usual buzz was not there at all.

This triggered my dark side off making me feel low, upset and distressed.

Question was will I ever get to a start line or race again.

When I can what will it be like, what rules regulations on both competitors and spectators.

Bon Jovi released an new album one of the song. Is called “Do What You Can”

The chorus basically is “If you can’t do what you do; you do what you can”

That line is so important at the moment.

I find new “normal” very depressing, I avoid going into shops as I find the whole experience distressing and depressing.

So I can race at moment however I can keep training, improving and getting better performances lined up.

The first proper race I enter and race is going to be emotional and also something special to.

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