last few weeks I have been reporting some NIGGLES whilst training.

Started off a couple of weeks ago after a hill training session.

Right leg was giving some discomfort and soreness, which I kept coach updated on.

Last Sunday long run started off hard work though was going to have to cut short and go home.

However, after a Hour eased off, right heavy legs. So I kept going for the scheduled 2 hour run. Actually just over so I could say I done a half marathon; it’s a runners thing not OCD.

Wednesday just gone was a tough structure training day really working the legs, which admittedly on tired and fatigued legs was not going to end well.

Got home, stretched showered stretched, eat. Everything felt fine.

Thursday was my 40 minutes recovery run. I was slow, very slow 11.30 minutes a mile was well, terrible pace for me. If your only just starting out don’t worry that’s an awesome pace keep it up.

So today did a 90 minute run, with good hills in. Which felt pretty good, last 10 minutes the fatigue really kicked in and felt like I can a marathon.

So next week extra rest day and low intensity work to recover and rest. Been a tough few months so feel it is a well earned rest.

Although this may sound like a set back, it is not end of the day the body like a flat battery needs to recharge, regenerate and ready to go again.


I know we all fed up with it now.

This knocked me mentally because as from midnight Saturday 17th October, parts Derbyshire is in Tier 2, lockdown.

I happen to live in this area, which is classed as high risk. This means increased measures on what you can and can’t do.

Went to Costa with Emma (my long suffering girlfriend and running widow) for a well earned social distanced Latte, which nice to get out of the home together.

Just the actual environment in store is not pleasant and relaxing. I enjoyed it but felt like being in a nuclear fallout zone with all the PPE.

With the restrictions on travel. Plus all the things you can do or go to I feel like a prisoner.

Running is a great release and helps to blank out the reality of it all.

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