Recovery Week

Been a funny old week. Repairing my legs which have fell foul of fatigue and aches and pains.

Just slow easy running over short times and distances.

Keeping the legs turning over but nothing heavy so they can recover from last few months pounding.

Today (Saturday) it was torrential rain and high winds, so decided on the easy way out. Went to Cliffords Gym and hit the dreadmill (treadmill)

Right leg still aching a bit, however not half as bad as it was. Plus felt the dreadmill probably gave me a much more controlled fixed pace at 6mph.

So to kill the boredom of the dreadmill of death I watch a 40 minute Youtube documentry.

Brian Johnson from ACDC, talking to Mark Knopfler about Dire Straits and solo careers, really worth watching, especially if using the dreaded dreadmill of death.

Then after I had finnished on the dreadmill, I did some light upper body weights.

So next week, pretty much the same low intensity and low effort training, hopefully be back on track start of November.

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