So 2 weeks of recovery /rehabilitation running come to and end.

Pretty basic stuff really slow runs for 40 minutes and 50 minutes.

Sundays 75 minutes Longrun. Plus extra rest day in the week.

My 40 minutes runs have been done on a treadmill aka dreadmill. So I watch a couple of documentary during the boredom of said dreadmill.

How ever it does help legs recover better as only running in a strait line and feet landing flat.

Unlike uneven surfaces on the paths and roads.

Guess its a true and correct form, how ever artifical and un realistic as well.

Bored now I must say. However things back to normal slowly next week.

Nothing intense just slowly increasing things to get back into it.

I could report to coach yesterday (Halloween) my legs felt really fresh and loose again.

Disaster strikes

On Thursday my Garmin Vivoactive lug snapped holding the strap in place.

Which smashed the screen to pieces.

Broken Garmin Vivoactive
Garmin Vivoactive Broke

So this meant a trip to Derby Runner to purchase a new watch.

So now got a Garmin Forerunner 245. So happy runner again.

Garmin Forerunner 245

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