Back To Basics

After 5 weeks of not getting out and being able to train according to the schedule that coach sets weekly. This was due to Christmas peak and also UK lock down meaning I have been working 12 hour plus days.

Now things have gone back to normal and more sensible levels at work I can concentrate on my training again.

I have purchased 3 pairs of base layers leggings and tops to keep the cold air out!!!!

Also my Nike Zoom Structures 22 have reached their 500 miles limit, in 3 months. So I have purchased the latest versions, Nike Structure 23.

I went out for my Long Run on Sunday, with lack of training and only managed 6.37 miles at 10m43s a mile average. With my average heart rate way to high.

So tonight Tuesday 22nd December, I went for an Easy Run averaging 9m38 per mile and average heart rate of 146bpm.

This was a very encouraging result, just shows lack of training and focus does knock your performance stats. However with a couple of weeks of Base training for the last couple of weeks of the year, will soon be back on track and making new gains through 2021.

With COVID-19 seeming to rule everyone at moment, I am just doing what I can, safely and according to the rules/guidance been set.

End of the day there is nothing we can do about it, just remaining positive and keeping one self active and a good place mentally is probably the most important thing.

New Shoes

Nike Zoom Structure 23, what do I think of them.

Well I have had versions 21,22 and now 23.

Structure 21’s where awesome and made me make a permanent change to Nike Running shoes quality, build and comfort out of this world.

Stucture 22’s to be honest were a bit of a let down to be honest, they are O.K., just now as good, in my opinion as the 21’s.

So after some research I decided to give the Structure 23 ago, as they have been completely redesigned and after a couple of runs I am glad I stuck by Nike.

Nike Structure Zoom 23

Full information can be found here

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