New year and time too look forwards.

Janus was the Roman God for January. He had two faces one too look forwards and one to look behind at the past.

I think we all need just one face looking forwards.

My running training will be back to the usual formats and strategies with Coach P, Optimal Running

Hopefully now vaccines are being distributed things will start to improve and slowly go back to some sort of normality.

I am hoping to do Derby Half Marathon this year also a Full Marathon in the Autumn time.

However I will not be booking miles ahead its not just the money being lost or refunded.

Mentally its the disappointment and the

hopesbeing dashed.

Making me feel low and depressed to be honest.

So this year only way forward is to stay positive emotionally and physically.

Sure I will drop, but main thing is to bounce back.

Focusing on the positives:

  • Loving and Supportive Girl Friend
  • Running
  • Crazy Black Cat
  • Able to work through lockdowns.

2021 is time to draw a line in the sand and fresh start forgetting about last year.

Its going to be tough not just personally, also Globally as well.

Maybe this is mother natures way of saying sort yourselves out humans or I can wipe you out.

Over the months I have felt the air is cleaner. The skies look bluer (if there is such a word!!). Wild life has returned.

Environment is definitely looking healthier and financially world is feeling it.

Guess its time as a global community its time to find a balance between the two.

Think we need to learn you can have one or the other, just finding the thin line that is the best of both worlds.

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