Topsy Turvy Running Week

Been a strange old week to be honest.

What I thought was going to be a nice relaxing week off work, with time to get my training back in track.

With eldest daughter testing positive with the dreaded COVID-19 fortunately not to bad. My partner testing negative a again as due to her job she has a weekly test.

So I checked up on the government website. After reading it and trying to understand the rules with self isolation. With my ADHD being stuck totally indoors is not going to end well. This would also trigger my depression and anxiety off as well. 

The instructions said that I should follow the rules as best as I can. Most of my running is on my own also away from people. If I had any symptoms then I would not run anyway, would not run with a cold as makes things worse.

Fortunately I have not had any of the symptoms so apart from being restrictions of staying at home, at least I could go out and let some steam off. 

Training wise been a weird week heart rates been way too high. Could of been any of the following reasons.

  1. Lack of training during December
  2. Needed a well earned rest from work
  3. Being anxious over vivid
  4. Had a very mild hit of Covid from the daughter.. The unclean one, just not had any of the obvious symptoms to go with it.

My last day to day of self isolating, and also my long run day. When I started the run only slight bit of snow, however a bit sloppy on ground. Due to lack of grub this controlled my pace.

I also got some good climbs in for good measure, but if strength training and also helps build up the endurance side of things too.

By the end, the snow has started to settle in the ground which slowed pace further. Did not fancy going arse over face and causing an injury.

Overall was a good run and heart rate was good as well so much happier.

Coach did say to make sure to keep reporting these things but running wise not overly concerned, guess over next few weeks be right back on track.

This weeks training on Strava Click the Links for each day






Some Pictures of Today

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