My Week In Running

Been A Funny Old Week

Getting back into fitness slowly but surely with a few hiccups on the way.

First session on Tuesday was probably one of my best sessions of this type. 60:80 Intervals.

Quite simple really 20 minutes steady warm up. Then push 60 seconds hard but controlled so not an all out sprint.

The 180 seconds run at a recovery pace. This was repeated over 8 sets

Session was great and good feedback from Coach P. Echo my post training summary for him.

The recovery runs (Wednesday & Saturday) kept a round 10m30s mile pace again heart rate was good an in the high 130’s and low 140’s bpm.

Thursday steady 60 felt good pace was good. However coaches feed back noted I was above zone 2 max heart rate of 165bpm 25% of this run was out of zone. So need to be conscious on this.

Todays run Sunday, this went well. I think it did any way.

30 Mins run at a steady pace to warm up the limbs.

This was followed by pushing hard for 2 minutes, although each one got quicker. 4th Set did an average of 7m09s min miles. Nearly a minute over set pace.

This was done 5 times with 10 minutes steady running in between for recovery.

Last 10 minutes, was coming out of the park which is a sharp hill climb. Had to admit fatigue had cut in and was really hard work.

Took session just over 90 mins so I could finish on a nice round 10 miles.


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