Basic Training Week

Keeping Under Control

So main thing this week was to keep my Heart Rate Zones under control

  • Zone 1 Max of 153bpm
  • Zone 2 Max of 165bpm

The key thing is working on my fitness levels, getting heart rate to pace down. Being able to run faster and longer at a lower Heart Rate.

Tuesday’s session was a Interval session so speed work for 60 seconds followed by 120 Seconds recovery pace. Repeated 8 times to get the muscles and heart pumping.

Wednesdays recovery run was slightly frustrating as heart rate was all over the place. Although this is probably expected due to hard precious days training.

Thursdays Steady 60 felt better for Heart Rate to Pace ratio however still improvements to be made an going in right direction. Average of 9.44 minutes a mile with an average of 154bpm in zone 2. Pace slower than I would like, this slowly getting better again.

Saturdays Recovery run was well amazing averaging in Zone 1 10.31 minutes a mile and an average Heart Rate of 130bpm was over the moon with this effort.

Today Sunday was a really enjoyable Long Run. 30 Minutes in zone 2 then a Low Tempo run between 8 – 8.30 minutes a miles. Then back down to Zone 2 for 45 minutes.

Have to say, fatigue cut in and last half hour was hard going, rewarding but legs where nearly dead towards the end.

Overall a very constructive week.

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