Strange Couple of Weeks

Wednesday 5th of May I had my Covid 19 jab. The Astrazeneca one.

I felt awful after the injection. Terrified of needles so feinted out side the mass vaccination arena.

Had a sleep in afternoon and felt generally rough.

Next day felt like my arm and back had been battered and bruised. Plenty of paracetamol seemed to work.

Thursday 6th May was first league race and managed a 6m40 sec mile but course was just over that length so around the 6m50s mark.

It was a tough race and was not ready 100% health wise my self.

Took a few rest days as was aching all over, like I had a good dose of Flu or really bad cold.

Since then really struggling running can’t get a decent pace.H

Heart Rate is way to high.

Also feels like only got 50% lung capacity.

Today I just had to throw the towel in and walk back.

Had a Covid test and that’s all clear.

Affecting me mentally as well, feeling a bit low and fed up.

Also had to pull out of the 5k race on Tuesday as I think will do more damage than good.

Suppose there is always another race.

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