The Hills Made My Legs Dead

Most of the week pretty straight forward running. Wednesday Recovery Run 40 Minutes to keep the legs turning and get rid of the horrible lactic acid out of legs from Tuesdays session keep reading for what that intailed. Session was hard work low pace but heart rate was right up and all over the place. … Continue reading The Hills Made My Legs Dead

Recovery Week w/e 6/9/20

After the previous weeks 10k Virtual Race and new Personal Best; its time to get back to basics again. So this weeks training was nothing exciting, just keeping the legs turing and letting the muscle tissue repair its self; ready for serious training to start again next week. So days where as follows Tues Day … Continue reading Recovery Week w/e 6/9/20

Week ending 9/2/2020

Had a couple of strength sessions on Monday and Wednesday. Focusing on upper body and also core strength. Running wise went too running club on Tuesday and Thursday and got some good quality social running on. I watched the film The Unknown runner on Amazon as well. This gave me some hugh inspiration. So took … Continue reading Week ending 9/2/2020

#redjanuary Days 25 & 26

Well day 25 ... I used as a rest day. Legs felt fatigued and recovery is just as important or more important than training. Listening to your body, helps to prevent injuries long term. Day 26, well long run sunday so out for 1hr 30 mins.. gently plodding along. For last half hour increased pace … Continue reading #redjanuary Days 25 & 26


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