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Lost My Way a Bit

So with this COVID-19 thing going around have to admit is starting to be mentally a struggle and been feeling quite low. Obviously being self employed money is a concern at the moment. Luckily I can still work as classed as a key worker. The other thing is with no races booked for the foreseeable … Continue reading Lost My Way a Bit

Sulking After Ashby 20 Cancled

Well thanks to this virus that's going round the organisers called the event off. Although government had said public events can still continue. So back to the drawing board wait till every things is back to normal and look at entering races nearer to time of events to save disappointments. Not stopping me from training … Continue reading Sulking After Ashby 20 Cancled

Week ending 9/2/2020

Had a couple of strength sessions on Monday and Wednesday. Focusing on upper body and also core strength. Running wise went too running club on Tuesday and Thursday and got some good quality social running on. I watched the film The Unknown runner on Amazon as well. This gave me some hugh inspiration. So took … Continue reading Week ending 9/2/2020

#redjanuary Days 25 & 26

Well day 25 ... I used as a rest day. Legs felt fatigued and recovery is just as important or more important than training. Listening to your body, helps to prevent injuries long term. Day 26, well long run sunday so out for 1hr 30 mins.. gently plodding along. For last half hour increased pace … Continue reading #redjanuary Days 25 & 26


Running Stories: 'I couldn't see a way past depression until I ran'Jerry's 27 and has completed five half-marathons.But there was a time when she "didn't think there was a way out" of her depression and severe social anxiety.After experiencing a lot of "very negative relationships", Jerry turned to drugs and alcohol before getting help from … Continue reading RUNNING AND MENTAL HEALTH