General Blogging Diary


So last week Coach P had me doing Kenyan Hills. I have performed them before and understand the logic of why they are included in the training and coaching sessions. The idea is to get a good warm up in as with any intensity training. Then find a gradient in this case we used 400 … Continue reading KENYAN HILLS

Covid-19, Mental Health and all things not normal

Not wrote about this side of life for a while. Guess to wrapped up in running and not expanding on the other side of my blog and diary. Been tough few months as adjusting to the new normal is not easy. Living with ADHD has been A challenge and as being told what to do … Continue reading Covid-19, Mental Health and all things not normal

Speed Week W/E 27/9/20

This week was all about speed and endurance. Basically training to faster paces over longer periods. Tuesday Easy Heart Rate 50, 50 minutes of running in Zones 1 & 2. To heart rate of a maximum of 160bpm. This was really hard work this week, due to the temperature being so hot out side. Only … Continue reading Speed Week W/E 27/9/20

The Hills Made My Legs Dead

Most of the week pretty straight forward running. Wednesday Recovery Run 40 Minutes to keep the legs turning and get rid of the horrible lactic acid out of legs from Tuesdays session keep reading for what that intailed. Session was hard work low pace but heart rate was right up and all over the place. … Continue reading The Hills Made My Legs Dead

Recovery Week w/e 6/9/20

After the previous weeks 10k Virtual Race and new Personal Best; its time to get back to basics again. So this weeks training was nothing exciting, just keeping the legs turing and letting the muscle tissue repair its self; ready for serious training to start again next week. So days where as follows Tues Day … Continue reading Recovery Week w/e 6/9/20

Week Ending 23 August 2020

Intervals All Week Wednesday and Saturday where easy heart rate runs for recovery, both for 50 minutes Tuesday 1.Warm up 30 minutes 2.Repeat 10 times 1.Hard 200m@5:55-6:24 min/min 2.V.easy jog recovery 200m Zone 1 3.Cool Down 10 mins This was a good speed session. Working on speed and strength. By running 200 meters hard and … Continue reading Week Ending 23 August 2020


Week Ending 16 August 2020 This week was absolute scorcher weather wise. 35 Celsius plus on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was an Easy Heart Rate run in zone 1 and 2. Took car to have an oil and filter change, did run whilst waiting Time was to do in 50 minutes, how ever I had … Continue reading I EAT BECAUSE I RUN AND I EAT SO I CAN RUN