General Blogging Diary

Nice ride out on the bike (cycling).

Now bike is back together and running nice would be rude not to go out on her. So enjoyed 19 miles or so of steady cycling. Was a lot cooler this morning than it has been over last few days. Even though I have not had a good ride out for a while my legs … Continue reading Nice ride out on the bike (cycling).

Another week of lockdown

Well with my garmin coach helping me to keep my focus on training. Its not the training I really wanted. However at least I am moving and focused on something with a schedule. With the government deciding on whether or not to ban out side excersize, certainly not helping my mental heath. Did a shop … Continue reading Another week of lockdown

Lost My Way a Bit

So with this COVID-19 thing going around have to admit is starting to be mentally a struggle and been feeling quite low. Obviously being self employed money is a concern at the moment. Luckily I can still work as classed as a key worker. The other thing is with no races booked for the foreseeable … Continue reading Lost My Way a Bit