17th November 2019

Derby 10 Mile Race

Loved this race, well organised abd managed think Leicester Marathon organisers should learn from these guys .

So due too rain and flooding the course had to be changed a number of times.

How ever they still managed a really good event.

My pacing spot on through out, maintained 8m30s miles through out.

Only parts that where difficult was mile 3 & 5 due to no room too over take slower runners. Just sat on their shoulders and push them to they flag on the psychological side.

Although wet and slippy in places I managed a new 10 mile Personal Best.

6th October 2019

Leicester Marathon

So after all hard work of 12 weeks solid training.

There was torrential rain for 4 days solid which meant huge areas of the course was flooded.

Although surprised it never happened before as soon there is heavy rain, it floods around North Leicestershire.

So probably won’t be attending again as the disappointment mentally is horrendous.