Another week of lockdown

Well with my garmin coach helping me to keep my focus on training. Its not the training I really wanted. However at least I am moving and focused on something with a schedule. With the government deciding on whether or not to ban out side excersize, certainly not helping my mental heath. Did a shop … Continue reading Another week of lockdown


Looking back at a picture from last year. The difference of marathon training to your body. Good news was I could still enjoy, burgers, pizza and CAKE. Well plus all the healthy food too. 3 mths change

Sunday on dreadmill

Absolutely hammering down so easy aerobic session on the treadmill at gym.Set for 40mins at 5.5 mph. With celeb xfactor with sub titles on the screen in front. Thank goodness no sound on it !!! Thank goodness for spotify 🤣Followed by upper body weight training and core work.Pretty strait forward and a well earned costa … Continue reading Sunday on dreadmill