Covid-19, Mental Health and all things not normal

Not wrote about this side of life for a while. Guess to wrapped up in running and not expanding on the other side of my blog and diary. Been tough few months as adjusting to the new normal is not easy. Living with ADHD has been A challenge and as being told what to do … Continue reading Covid-19, Mental Health and all things not normal

Another week of lockdown

Well with my garmin coach helping me to keep my focus on training. Its not the training I really wanted. However at least I am moving and focused on something with a schedule. With the government deciding on whether or not to ban out side excersize, certainly not helping my mental heath. Did a shop … Continue reading Another week of lockdown

Sulking After Ashby 20 Cancled

Well thanks to this virus that's going round the organisers called the event off. Although government had said public events can still continue. So back to the drawing board wait till every things is back to normal and look at entering races nearer to time of events to save disappointments. Not stopping me from training … Continue reading Sulking After Ashby 20 Cancled