TUESDAY Short Hill Reps 30 mins Warm Up Primer Set repeat 2 times Run 10 Seconds 6-8 rpe 2 mins walk recovery Main Set Run 10 Seconds maxed out 3 mins recovery Cool Down WEDNESDAY Recovery 40 mins run 10 min miles THURSDAY Steady 60 Mins at 10 min mile pace due to niggling injury … Continue reading WEEKLY TRAINING DIARY W/E 11/10/2020

Training w/e 4/10/20

Tuesday EHR 50 (50 MINUTES AEROBIC PACE) Wednesday Interval Supersets Warm Up (2 miles)4 of sets of:1km hard run0.6 km harder running0.4 km zone 1 recovery10 Mins Cool Down Thursday 40 Mins Easy Recover Running Saturday EHR 50 Sunday Long run with pace insert 40 Mins Around 9 mins per mile5 mins around 7m15s per … Continue reading Training w/e 4/10/20

Week Ending 23 August 2020

Intervals All Week Wednesday and Saturday where easy heart rate runs for recovery, both for 50 minutes Tuesday 1.Warm up 30 minutes 2.Repeat 10 times 1.Hard 200m@5:55-6:24 min/min 2.V.easy jog recovery 200m Zone 1 3.Cool Down 10 mins This was a good speed session. Working on speed and strength. By running 200 meters hard and … Continue reading Week Ending 23 August 2020