Training w/e 4/10/20

Tuesday EHR 50 (50 MINUTES AEROBIC PACE) Wednesday Interval Supersets Warm Up (2 miles)4 of sets of:1km hard run0.6 km harder running0.4 km zone 1 recovery10 Mins Cool Down Thursday 40 Mins Easy Recover Running Saturday EHR 50 Sunday Long run with pace insert 40 Mins Around 9 mins per mile5 mins around 7m15s per … Continue reading Training w/e 4/10/20


So last week Coach P had me doing Kenyan Hills. I have performed them before and understand the logic of why they are included in the training and coaching sessions. The idea is to get a good warm up in as with any intensity training. Then find a gradient in this case we used 400 … Continue reading KENYAN HILLS