Training w/e 4/10/20

Tuesday EHR 50 (50 MINUTES AEROBIC PACE) Wednesday Interval Supersets Warm Up (2 miles)4 of sets of:1km hard run0.6 km harder running0.4 km zone 1 recovery10 Mins Cool Down Thursday 40 Mins Easy Recover Running Saturday EHR 50 Sunday Long run with pace insert 40 Mins Around 9 mins per mile5 mins around 7m15s per … Continue reading Training w/e 4/10/20

Speed Week W/E 27/9/20

This week was all about speed and endurance. Basically training to faster paces over longer periods. Tuesday Easy Heart Rate 50, 50 minutes of running in Zones 1 & 2. To heart rate of a maximum of 160bpm. This was really hard work this week, due to the temperature being so hot out side. Only … Continue reading Speed Week W/E 27/9/20

The Hills Made My Legs Dead

Most of the week pretty straight forward running. Wednesday Recovery Run 40 Minutes to keep the legs turning and get rid of the horrible lactic acid out of legs from Tuesdays session keep reading for what that intailed. Session was hard work low pace but heart rate was right up and all over the place. … Continue reading The Hills Made My Legs Dead